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What began as a dream, became a reality in 2006. Just a couple of months after graduating the University of Mississippi, I took a leap of faith and dove right into the retail industry and over a decade later, I have never looked back! Growing up, I always loved clothing, dressing up, pretend play with running a business and even doing a little accounting work as my family often laughs about! At only 21 years old and as a fresh college grad who had never worked in the retail business, I had no clue where to start but I had a dream I was dying to chase!!! With the help of my family, I opened a small store in my hometown of Pontotoc, Mississippi. I drafted my mom, Jenene to work a few days a week because after all who would I rather work with than my best friend, my mom!!!!  Ella Ivy Boutique certainly would not have experienced the growth and be the store that it is today without the blood, sweat and tears that my mom has so lovingly poured into it!!!  The words I most often hear as a referral to my mom is always “your sweet mom” and I couldn’t agree more! If you’ve met my mom, you will agree too!!!  I LOVE being able to work with my mom every day and will be forever grateful for her dedication to Ella Ivy!!!!  Back in 2013, we added a third generation to our business and my hope is that she will enjoy working the store with her mommy as much as I have enjoyed working with mine! Last but certainly not least is the two hard working men behind Ella Ivy, my dad and my husband! They spend countless hours behind the scenes playing Mr. Fix-it and everything else that we ask of them!!!!  This is certainly a family business and my hope for my customers is that you always feel welcome and treated just like family when shopping at Ella Ivy Boutique!

I always say that my favorite part about my job is when customers walk in and say “I’m here, dress me”!!!!!  My creative juices start flowing!!! I’m often labeled as a personal shopper and I couldn't think of a title I could be more proud to hold!! My goal for Ella Ivy is not just a shopping destination, but an experience!!! I love for my customers to try on and then come out and us discuss our likes and dislikes about an outfit. Just because one style looks great on one customer doesn’t mean that it’s right for the next customer. My goal is to individually style each customer to fit your needs, your lifestyle and your personality!! There’s no better feeling than having an outfit on that you feel good in and receiving tons of compliments on it! So if this is your first time visiting Ella Ivy (online or in store), WELCOME!!! If you are a returning customer, THANK YOU!!!!  My little store in small town Pontotoc would have never become what it is today without the loyalty and support of my wonderful customers!!! I could never express in words how thankful I am for your business and friendship!!!

Fashionably yours,


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